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An 80-year-old ban on advertising private investments in the United States ended yesterday, and startups were already geared up to deliver their pitches on fundraising platforms such as AngelList.

While there is still concern that rules by the Securities and Exchange Commission may introduce complications that will have the effect of rolling back the expired law, these 50 travel startups aren’t wasting anytime letting people know what they’re doing, and how much money they need. When we started counting on Monday, there were just over 1,000 listings in the fundraising section. By Tuesday morning the list grew to over 1,300.

Here are the first 50 travel startups out of the gate, spanning sectors from air travel to ground transport, local search to event planning.

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Air Travel

Travel Guides & Content

Hotel and Activities Booking

Boating Industry

Taxi Apps

Ridesharing and Car Services

Local Transit Planning

Event Travel and Ticketing

Adventure and Powersport Activities

Trip Planning and Social Travel

Local Search

Work Spaces and Meetings Business

Gym Passes for Business Travelers

Hospitality Jobs and Management Platforms

Digital Marketing for Destinations

International Communication and Translations