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Don't pooh pooh them off, whole economies have been built on them; cliches drive the travel economy ever since we started making travel brochures. They are what drive people to book these trips, and do what everyone else has done before them.

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It is a Sunday in the dead of August, and time to take out a well-worn cliche: the most cliched tourist photos list. Much as we love to mock these, given a chance we would be doing at least some of these were we in the same spots.

As for the business of travel, cliches are big business, as any big tourist hub city will tell you. Yes, the travel consumer of 21st century is looking for deeper and more authentic experiences, but the tourism economy is still driven by the well-worn tourist circuit in any destination.

As the newly emerging Asian and Latin American tourists are traveling in increasing numbers around the globe, these cliches are being renewed all over again, and will continue for years to come.

Any ones we missed in the gallery above?


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