Emirates considers launching world’s longest flight

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Singapore previously held the record for the world’s longest flight at 19 hours, but cancelled the flights after fuel costs became too high; Emirates has a chance of making the ultra long-haul model work with more fuel-efficient jets and a wealthy clientele.

— Samantha Shankman

Emirates Airline is looking to launch an ultra long-haul flight of up to 20 hours in partnership with US aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Emirates President Tim Clark suggests the long-haul flights would include routes from Sydney to Rome and direct services from Asia to North America. Light color palettes and mood lighting would be used to ease flyers’ stress and help them adjust to time changes.

The flight is dependent on Boeing’s promises to deliver the so-called 777X, an improved version of its biggest twin-engine jet with new wings and larger window. Boeing doesn’t expect such a jet to be ready until 2020.

Emirates’ 20-hour flights would top Turkish Airlines’ proposed flight from Sydney to Istanbul and the standing record set by Singapore Airlines. Singapore’s 19-hour flights from Singapore to Newark were cancelled in October 2012.

Click above for the six of the world’s longest flights that are expected to start or stop service in the next few years.

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