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An innovative breed of hotels is reaping significant benefits from integrating live theater and arts productions into their offerings. These hoteliers are finding that live theater is helping expand the hotel experience and the hotel’s audience.

For the Latchis Hotel and Theatre in Brattleboro, Vermont, mixing theater and the arts with hotel operations seemed natural from the outset.

The company has a long history of merging hotel and theater operations, dating back to its inception in 1938 as part of its mission to “reinvent spaces,” said Gail Nunziata, managing director of Latchis Arts.

Along the way, the hotel’s theater presented silent films and vaudeville.

Photo Credit: The Latchis Hotel puts up a marquee outside of the Latchis Theatre, both housed in the Latchis Memorial Building in Brattleboro, Vermont. Rudi Riet / Flickr