What New York’s top tourist attractions looked like during Friday night’s blizzard

Skift Take

A rare glimpse at what some of the busiest tourist attractions in the world look like with few, or zero, tourists and locals in sight.

— Samantha Shankman

Thousands of flights were cancelled, Amtrak stopped services, and travel warnings were put into effect on Friday in preparation of the big storm of 2013. While other areas including Long Island and Boston got pummeled by snow, Manhattan walked away relatively unscathed.

As many New Yorkers spent the night bunkered down in their apartments watching a movie marathon on Hulu, Skift’s Head of Data and photographer extraordinaire¬†Dan Nguyen headed out into the streets to see what New York’s busiest tourists attractions look like when the city goes quiet.

You can find the entire collection of photos on Flickr.


Statues of Liberty stay in Times Square as snow begins to fall.

Nemo 4

Radio City.


Rockfeller’s Atlas braves the cold.


The Fifth Avenue Apple Store stays open on Friday night.¬†One of the employees told Dan that they wouldn’t close down for weather, unless city transportation was being shut down, as it was during Hurricane Sandy.


Times Square’s lights shine through the snow.


Times Square.


Snow balls start in Times Square.

Nemo 9

Bleeker Street subway station.


An empty intersection in NoLita.

Nemo1A solitary street walker in NoLita.

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