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This week’s roundup of travel ads are dominated by airlines, but they’ve created four very different ads that showcase their particular brands.

TAP is the latest airline to take an original approach to the outdated safety video and Qatar shows a little love for its hub city in Doha.

Expedia announces a new product, one that’s tied very closely to its ads that we’ve shared before, and a new travel concept is developed in Barcelona.

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British Airways is clever in this new ad where it shares its quite ingenious way of capturing travelers in the ‘exploration’ phase. The surprise element of an ad in a book store adds charm for the viewer, although the best part is the curious smiles on the readers’ faces.


Oh, Expedia, you are so clever. Getting us viewers all sentimental and emotionally attached to your ‘Find Yours’ ads only to a few months later present us with what we’ve been wishing for all along — a tool, ahem an app, to help us make our very own goose bump-enducing video clip of our probably average trip to Honolulu. Well played, Expedia, well played.


Viewers get a twofer with this Middle Eastern delightQatar Airways manages to promote its air service to 110+ destinations and share a lengthy enticing image of its hub city in Doha that appeals to business and leisure travelers.

“A journey is not just A to B; it’s also the in-between…A journey is cautious steps, a change in perception, and giant leaps of faith. A journey is reaching for the end and discovering you’re only halfway there.”

[vimeo 57748724 w=500 h=281]

STREE2LAB is a research and design lab that catalouges the activity of urban art online. The goal is to raise awareness and make it easier for people to explore the art through apps and walking tours. This video, created as part of its Indiegogo fundraising campaign, was filmed in Barcelona. What do you think of the idea?


The popularity of airlines’ safety videos is reaching new heights as traditional airlines reach outside the box to create clips that passengers, and those safely on the ground, actually enjoy viewing. Here, TAP Airlines asks real passengers to recite a line or two of the safety video before boarding their flight in what results in a fun, informal, and informative video.


Turkish Airline’s cute Valentine’s Day spot is notable since TA has made a name for itself through on-the-ground marketing campaigns and ads featuring global sports stars. The change of pace to a short, animated clip makes sense given small scope of the sale and the audience it applies to. Unfortunately, the fantastic deal — pay just one euro for your sweetheart between February 9 – 15 — is only available from Istanbul.

Photo Credit: STREE2LAB wants to map street art around the world like this mural found in Barcelona. En Public / Vimeo