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Here's to the hope that the soft power of AvGeeks overthrows this American tyranny. Something like that...

The reactions to the new American Airlines redesign have ranged from bewilderment to love to hatred and every variation in between. The aviation geeks, who have a personal stake in anything and everything airlines and aircrafts, for most part liked the new logo, but really really hated the modified “American flag” tail. As did almost everyone else, really.

So the AvGeeks won’t take it anymore, and planning to overthrow the tyrannical tail regime by starting a….Facebook group. The group, called “fix the tAAil” is a group of “like-minded aviation business professionals and other self-professed airline “geeks” who have a common passion and intrinsic respect for airline branding.” And they’ve come up up with a manifesto and some suggested variations on the tail design that AA could consider, below.

fix the tAAil is uniquely concerned about American Airlines’ new corporate branding and visual identity, specifically the modernized “American Flag” tail motif. While we applaud the new “Flight Symbol” (the evolution of the Eagle heritage), we take issue with the current tail emblem – the stylized version of the American Flag.

Join us to learn more about our perspectives, to share your own thoughts, and to become a member of this grassroots effort aimed at sending a clear & balanced message to American Airlines and FutureBrand regarding the new American Airlines identity, and the prominent overuse of the American Flag on the “tAAils” of American Airlines’ aircraft.


Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 10.26.57 AM

Certainly a lot better than what the new AA has now. Though unlikely to give into the demand because of the added costs and logistics involved while AA is going through this bankruptcy, there is a conspiracy theory floating around, a somewhat plausible one: that American deliberately created this hideous new tail design so that when it eventually merger with US Airways, the merged airline could use its tail design, or at least a modified version of it.

Even then, if the AvGeeks want this overthrow prior to that, they would need to be more outraged and wage a multimedia, multiplatform campaign, across Twitter, Facebook and even possibly TV for it to make an impact, rather than the mostly civil discussions on the FB group currently.


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