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Tripadvisor’s Q3 earnings just came out, the fourth quarter since it went public, and it is continuing on its big growth numbers:

— Net income increased 12% quarter-over-quarter and increased 9% year-overyear to $59.4 million.

— Revenue  increased to $212.7 million, up 8% quarter-over-quarter and up 18% year-over-year.

— Revenue from click-based advertising totaled $168.0 million for Q3 2012, increase of 15% compared to year-ago quarter, while display totaled $23.6 million, an increase of 12% compared to year-ago quarter.

— U.S. revenue totaled $105.6 million, and represented 50% of total revenue, compared to 53% in year ago quarter, while UK totaled $30.4 million, and represented 14% of total revenue, compared to 16% in year-ago quarter.

— International is big growth market: $76.7 million for Q3, and represented 36% of total revenue, compared to 31% in the year-ago quarter. This allays some of the fears that analysts had during it previous quarter’s results.

Full release embedded below:

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