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We’ve launched a small side experiment called SkiftOne.

It is that one piece of travel inspiration that gets stuck in your head that inspires you to travel. It could be that random video ad from Nike about cricket as religion in India, or the branding of a new hotel on a creative community site, or an article in New York Times magazine about the incredible Greek island of Ikaria where people forgot to die, or a vintage airline ad that reminds you of that travel is about dreams, even if they’re dreams of retrospect.

Point is, travel inspiration doesn’t have to come from travel photos, magazines, videos, sites, or things specifically marketed as such, it is part of our every day life. Almost everything that scratches the travel itch leaves a mark somewhere inside us.

We at Skift are immersed in the business of travel every day, sometimes cut and dry, but always poking at our curiosity. And it is that curiosity, that itch that we want to uncover, through SkiftOne. Only one idea, only once a day, to let it sink in, inspired in part by that “Slow Web” movement that wants us to pull back and ponder, and “grounds us in the flow of time.” Isn’t that what travel should be about anyway?

It may all be hokey, or there’s something to it. We’ll find out. Subscribe.

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