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Booking site is betting that vacation-goers are more concerned about getting a tan than what particular city they’re in, but won’t know if consumers are willing to take that risk until its launch on November 1.

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo: Would you let a website pick where you’ll go? That’s the premise, more or less, of, a new website now in beta and set for a consumer launch on Nov. 1. The site promises airfare discounts of up to 40 percent to users who are willing to let the website pick their final destination.

Cancun IMG_5064

Would you let a website decide if your next vacation was in Miami or Cancun? Photo by Nicolas Karim.

Here’s how it works: Users conduct a flight search, either by regional destination or by interest and are shown, on average, 10 possible destinations, along with a full selection of flight options for each one. The site then asks you to narrow the options to two final choices and provide your…credit-card information.

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