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Gogo hasn't detailed how much it would cost passengers to use, but an inflight SMS service over Wi-Fi would certainly make for a more efficient and pleasant flight experience.

Inflight connectivity provider Gogo is in the final stages of preparing a new SMS service, dubbed Gogo 2-way. In contrast to already existing inflight mobile phone services, Gogo 2-way will run entirely over the Wi-Fi infrastructure, eliminating the need for a separate GSM pico cell solution on board aircraft.

In an interview with the APEX editor’s blog at the recent APEX EXPO in Long Beach, California, Steve Nolan, director of PR and communications at Gogo, detailed how the service operates. “The product will allow people to text message commercially from their own device, using the Wi-Fi system. It will also use your own phone number. To our knowledge, it will be the first that will allow you to do this.”

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