April 5, 2014

Chicago’s South Side Has Dreams of Obama Library Tourism

March 4, 2014

Airport Executives Want Obama to Raise Flyer Fee from $4 to $8.50 for 2015 Budget

December 19, 2013

President Obama and Comedian Steve Harvey Surprise White House Tourists

August 10, 2013

TSA and Defense Department Make Life Easier for U.S. Vets at the Airport

August 7, 2013

Global Travel Warnings Shouldn’t Stop Summer Vacations, Says Obama

August 6, 2013

Obama Family Trip to Ireland Sparks Renewed Interest in Emerald Isle

July 20, 2013

European Politicians Claim Obama Not Doing Enough to Stop Aviation Pollution

June 27, 2013

The tourist Obama goes to Africa, and brings with him big hopes for tourism

June 8, 2013

What the Obama visit will mean to Tanzanian tourism

May 28, 2013

Even Obama is pushing New Jersey tourism with visit to beach towns

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