September 29, 2014

A Google Glass App for Flight Attendants on Private Jets

July 11, 2014

London Gatwick Is Taking Smart Steps to Prevent Drunken Passengers on Flights

June 17, 2014

Why Southwest Air Skips the Safety Videos in Favor of Free-Styling Flight Attendants

May 25, 2014

United Backs Down on Liquor Ban for Flight Attendants

April 25, 2014

JetBlue’s Flight Attendants Follow Its Pilots in Push Towards Unionization

April 7, 2014

Delta Invests in Nokia Phablets on Road to Personalized In-Flight Purchases

Flight Attendants Want to Make Sure the TSA Doesn’t Revisit Its Knife Policy

April 2, 2014

Air India Ordered to Rehire Flight Attendants Fired for Being Overweight

February 21, 2014

1 in 4 Flight Attendants Report Being Sexually Harassed in the Past Year

February 15, 2014

Flight Attendants Oppose Phone Calls on Flights

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