May 16, 2014

STA Travel Stops Animal Tours Pending Further Review

May 15, 2014

Kenya Tourism Businesses Decry Strict UK, U.S. Travel Warnings

May 14, 2014

Tourism Numbers to Egypt Fall Again as Political Turmoil Continues

May 5, 2014

Egypt Has Many Wishes to Revive Flagging Tourism, But No Firm Plans

May 4, 2014

Egypt Selling Off Its White Sand Beaches To Lure Tourism Investment

May 3, 2014

Ivory Coast Eco-Tourism Projects Hoped to Help Protect Local Chimpanzees

April 6, 2014

West Africa’s Battle Against Ebola Extends to the Airport

April 3, 2014

Egypt Imports British Security Team to Allay Resort Tourists’ Fears

March 29, 2014

Kenya’s President Says Attacks Left Tourism Sector ‘On its Knees’

March 19, 2014

Morocco Saw Record 10 Million Tourists in 2013, Recovering From the Arab Spring

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