September 15, 2014

Egypt Plans More Security Measures in Bid to Lure Back Tourists

September 14, 2014

African Tourism Continues to Slide on Ebola Fears, Despite Geographic Realities

August 30, 2014

Geography Ignorance Keeps Ebola-Fearing Tourists Out of Africa

August 7, 2014

Airlines Flying to West Africa Screen Passengers to Prevent Ebola Spread

July 13, 2014

UK Issues Travel Warning for Kenya Tourist Area

July 11, 2014

South African Immigration Rules Target Child Trafficking, But Hit Family Travel Too

June 28, 2014

South Africa Stakeholders Fear Stricter Visa Rules Will Hurt Tourism

June 16, 2014

Kenya Responds to Mass Shooting by Telling Foreign Tourists They Will Be Safe

June 11, 2014

South African Tourism Humblebrags About Its World Cup Success

June 6, 2014

Egypt’s Government Has Another Idea to Not Boost Tourism: A $25 Exit Tax

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