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Skift Staff

Founder, CEO: Rafat Ali
Email: ra@skift.com
Twitter: @rafat

President: Carolyn Kremins
Email: ck@skift.com

CFO: Michael Cunniff
Email: mc@skift.com


Co-Founder & Head of Content: Jason Clampet
Email: jc@skift.com
Twitter: @jasonclampet

News Editor: Dennis Schaal
Email: ds@skift.com
Twitter: @denschaal

Senior Editor: Greg Oates
Email: go@skift.com
Twitter: @gregoates

Associate Editor: Hannah Sampson
Email: hs@skift.com
Twitter: @hannahbsampson

Reporter: Andrew Sheivachman
Email: as@skift.com
Twitter: @sheivach

Reporter: Alexandra Petri
Email: ap@skift.com
Twitter: @writewayaround

Reporter: Dan Peltier
Email: dp@skift.com
Twitter: @danpeltier

Sales, Marketing, Operations & Tech:

VP of Ad Sales: Anthony DeRico
Email: ad@skift.com

Sales Executive: Dani Haigh
Email: dh@skift.com

Enterprise Trends Specialist: Daniel Calabrese
Email: dc@skift.com

Branded Content Strategist: Matt Heidkamp
Email: mh@skift.com

Sales Support: Will Matalene
Email: wm@skift.com

Senior Marketing Director: Natalie Bonacasa
Email: nb@skift.com

Operations Manager: Kirstie Jiongco
Email: kj@skift.com

Developer: Johnathan Ross
Email: jr@skift.com

Designer: Ping Chan
Email: pc@skift.com

We are based in Manhattan at:

​1239 Broadway, #703B
New York, NY  10001
Phone: 212-564-


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