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Skift is a travel intelligence company that offers news, information, data and services to professionals in the travel industry and professional travelers to help them make smart decisions about travel.

Travel news & data offers a tremendous opportunity: With a $6.5 trillion contribution to GDP and 260 million jobs, travel — made up of tourism, hospitality, transport & leisure — is the world’s largest industry. Skift is the information and intelligence brand that matches the industry’s size and potential.

Simply put: Skift is the business of travel.


Skift’s vision

Skift is redefining a new generation of data & information heavy media companies, built to break out of the vertical media ghettos and scale.

For more on Skift’s vision, see “Building a Business Information Brand in 2013” presentation our CEO gave as a keynote tob the American Business Media Association’s 2013 annual conference.


Skift means “shift” or “change” or “transformation” in Nordic languages. Skift, as a company, is about that transformation, that shift into the future of travel, and we are the information and intelligence brand at the center of it.


We’re based in New York City, and five strong.

» Founder & CEO: Rafat Ali. @rafat
Founder, paidContent. Traveler. Indo-Brit-American. New Yorker. Global Soul. More.

» Co-Founder & Head of Content: Jason Clampet. @jasonclampet
Likes editing a bit more than traveling but loves fish tacos from Baja California and Japanese curry in Tokyo more than both of those. More.

» Head of Data: Dan Nguyen. @dancow More here.

» News Editor: Dennis Schaal. @denschaal
Fell into travel-business writing, but love where I landed. Scribe. Muckraker. Drums differently. More.

» Reporter: Samantha Shankman. @samshankman More here.


An amazing group of media-tech seed funds and angels, the full list in the factsheet below.

Download (PDF, 176KB)


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