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This Is Skift

Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing MEDIA, INSIGHTS and MARKETING to key sectors of travel.

HERE is what we do: Skift DECIPHERS and DEFINES global travel trends.

HERE is who we do it for: MARKETERS, STRATEGISTS and TECHNOLOGISTS in the global travel industry.

HERE is how we look at the World of Travel: Skift Manifesto On The Future of Travel in 2020, the deck below:

The Skift Manifesto
The Skift Manifesto

The Key Travel Sectors We Cover


Online Booking

Travel Tech



Ground Transport

Travel Agents & Tour Operators

Corporate Travel

Meetings & Events





Daily News and Insights

Skift.com is the daily homepage of the travel industry. Through original reporting and analysis, it’s the leading source of intelligence for the industry. Subscribe to daily newsletter.

Trend Reports

Trends Reports

Bi-monthly Deep Industry Dives

Skift Trends Reports are aimed at the strategists, marketers and technologists in travel, providing the latest intelligence on travel trends.

Skift Global Forum

Skift Global Forum

Thought-leadership Conference

The Global Forum is a creative business forum, with carefully curated topics and speakers to inspire the professionals in travel about the business and creative promise of the sector.

Skiftx Branded Content


Branded Content Studio

Skift’s in-house content studio redefining the way the travel industry approaches marketing through creative storytelling.

Selected Clients
We Work With

Virgin Atlantic Airways
American Express
US Travel Association


Skift Means "Shift" Or
"Transformation" In
Nordic Languages.

Skift, as a company, is about that transformation -- that shift into the future of travel -- and we are the information and intelligence brand at the center of it.
We launched in August 2012, with the big ambition of becoming the a daily homepage of the global travel industry. Our underlying premise was to be fanatically focused on documenting and helping the travel industry understand the changing traveler behavior. From the two founders who launched the company out of their bedrooms to now 21 people on the Skift team in a light-filled New York City office, we have grown into the biggest business intelligence brand in travel.

We raised about $2.5 million from marquee seed investors and venture groups, and three years later we are a multi-product, multi-platform, profitable and fast growing company. Read the 4000-word story about our journey to profitability: How We Got off the Addiction to Venture Capital and Created Our Own Way to Profits.


Skift is an immersive and fun learning environment, everything that comes with a fast growing company. But most of us are family people too, so we know, live and actively work to encourage work life balance. We are building a humane company that wants the best out of people in the hours they give to the company, and build a more balanced life outside of it. Flex holiday-policy, flex-work hours if needed, market-friendly benefits, competitive salary, and most of all, learning with the smartest business information team on the planet.

Check out this article in Inc about our culture: Living Your Brand: Why Our Company Went To Iceland.

The Team

We're a tight-knit group
of 20 and counting
based in New York City.

Rafat Ali, Founder and CEO
Indo-Brit-American. New Yorker. Global Soul. Mostly, my life is about travel, building businesses, media, daddyhood and such. Previously founded paidContent, sold to Guardian in 2008. Selected travel pics, on 500px.
Rafat's LinkedIn
Jason Clampet, Co-Founder and Head of Content
Likes editing a bit more than traveling but loves fish tacos from Baja California and Japanese curry in Tokyo more than both of those. Loves building products and telling stories that help people do their jobs a little bit better.
Jason's LinkedIn
Carolyn Kremins, President
Carolyn has led world-class brands (Conde Nast Traveler, Brides, Epicurious, Elle) and launched start-ups (Maxim, Cookie, The Week) to great success. Her wanderlust has taken her to all seven continents. As President of Skift she has found the perfect home, combining her love for building brands with her twin passions for media and travel. But her shining success, above all else, is her family.
Carolyn's LinkedIn
Michael Cunniff, CFO
Michael is a 25-year finance executive who hails from NY but now calls California home. Outside of work you can find him spending time with family, travelling, volunteering or sipping a glass of cabernet.
Anthony Derico, VP of Ad Sales
Travel and adventure enthusiast. Likes all things social media and otherwise. Brooklyn resident. Bacon thought leader.
Anthony's LinkedIn
Dani Haigh, Sales Executive
Originally from Massachusetts Dani currently resides in the Upper East Side. When not searching for the best bowl of ramen, you can find her cheering on the Pats, planning her next trip around the world, or trying (unsuccessfully) to be a yogi.
B.S. Cornell/M.A. Georgetown
Dani's LinkedIn
Will Matalene, Sales Support
Will is an early media innovator and adopter. In his free time, he explores neuroaesthetics and cognitive behavior. He enjoys petting dogs.
Will's LinkedIn
Daniel Calabrese, Enterprise Sales, Skift Trends Reports
Daniel heads up Skift Trends Reports. He lives in Brooklyn, runs Prospect Park almost-daily and has mastered the art of frying chicken wings at home.
Daniel's LinkedIn
Matt Heidkamp, Branded Content Strategist
Matt helps Skift's sponsors tell their stories in smart, creative ways. He lives in NJ and has a secret, music-producing alter ego.
Matt's LinkedIn
Natalie Bonacasa, Senior Marketing Director
Natalie is a seasoned eCommerce professional with 8+ years of diverse marketing experience in digital strategy, customer acquisition & retention, A/B testing, business development and event marketing.
Natalie's LinkedIn
Dennis Schaal, News Editor
Skift employee #3, news editor Dennis Schaal analyzes online travel. He likes receiving sensitive documents in the mail and breaking news. Dennis has written for many publications, such as USA Today.
Dennis' LinkedIn
Greg Oates, Senior Editor
Greg explores the urban user experience of the future within the context of travel and tourism, revolving around smart city platforms, adaptive reuse, and next gen connectivity.
Greg's LinkedIn
Hannah Sampson, Associate Editor
Loves books, beaches, ice cream, dogs and wandering. Miami native turned Manhattan dweller. Never leaves home without a notebook and pen. Enjoys having written.
Hannah's LinkedIn
Dan Peltier, Reporter
Reporter, Harlem resident. Native Bostonian. Dan loves running and runs in every new place he visits. He enjoys asking questions and listening to people's stories.
Dan's LinkedIn
Andrew Sheivachman, Reporter
Andrew covers government affairs, corporate travel and many other subjects for Skift. He graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in 2010.
Ping Chan, Designer
Ping is obsessed with her cat. Ping is usually super friendly but every once a while she will be mean to Johnathan.
Ping's LinkedIn
Johnathan Ross, Developer
Hailing from Alabama, Johnathan is a back-end developer and entertainer. You can catch him improvising all around the city at various bars and theaters.
Johnathan's LinkedIn
Mike Linden, Developer
A Minneapolis native, Mike is a front-end developer and a professional guitarist with a degree from Berklee College of Music. In his free time, he enjoys taking long walks with his Chihuahua.
Mike's LinkedIn
Kirstie Jingco, Operations Manager
Kirstie's LinkedIn


Skift has quickly become the default source of expertise in the larger media world. We talk about travel in a human jargon-free, user experience-friendly language, and that is why news outlets like CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Buzzfeed, Yahoo News, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Quartz, NBC News, Today Show and many others rely on us to help them decipher the future of travel.

Also, Skift as a business and startup success story has been written up in publications like Digiday, AdAge, Politico, TechCrunch, Recode and many others over the years.

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