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I’m Going to Disney World: A Video History of the Super Bowl Victory Boast


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Not sure going to Disney the day after you win a championship is the best prize, but alongside “Virginia is for Lovers” and “I Love New York,” the campaign is one of the most successful in the history of tourism.

— Jason Clampet

Winning the Super Bowl is nice, and a little extra cash and a free trip from a three-second endorsement isn’t bad either.

For 25 of the past 26 years, Walt Disney World Resorts has filmed advertisements during the on-field victory celebrations of the National Football League championship game that feature a player from the winning team stating his intention to go to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The clips are quickly edited and turned into two different ads that then run in different media markets in the United States.

The commercials feature highlights of the game and the winning athlete uttering the phrase “I’m going to Disney World,” (or the Disneyland alternate) with the song “When You Wish Upon A Star” from the movie Pinocchio playing in the background.

It’s customary for the star of the ad to travel to Walt Disney World the following day for a victory parade.

New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms was in the first “I’m Going to Disney World!” Super Bowl advertisement, back in 1987.

A Disney representative said that the company doesn’t do interviews about the campaign.

We’ve collected another 14 of the remaining 24 advertisements below, starting with Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco last year dropping an F-bomb after the Disney boast.















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