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The Threat of Eviction May Be the Biggest Challenge for Airbnb and Its Peers

Excerpt from New York Times

Dec 02, 2013 3:32 pm

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Regulations by city governments are tough enough, but the threat of eviction from co-op and condo boards or a landlord eager to make more money on a higher-paying tenant may be the bigger threat to apartment rental companies.

— Jason Clampet

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David Shea, a retired typographer, thought that he was renting out his large enclosed terrace to a visitor from Miami who was looking for a cheap place to stay for a few days in Manhattan. The man had contacted him through, one of several websites that connect travelers with private hosts.

… The next month, Mr. Shea received notice that he was facing eviction proceedings. The man from Miami, it turned out, was actually a private investigator sent in by his co-op board. Mr. Shea, 78, is now fighting to remain in his apartment, arguing that eviction is an excessive punishment.

… His case — and five other recent eviction proceedings for similar infractions in Penn South, his co-op development — has become another battleground in the fight over whether New Yorkers should be permitted to rent out their spare beds, rooms or entire apartments to travelers through websites like Airbnb.

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