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SkiftAds: Gogo Wi-Fi campaign can’t wait for leisure travelers

Hey, leisure travelers want their MTV and in-flight Internet, too. Wi-Fi on high is not just for road warriors.


How one company helps airlines decide who gets treated well and who has to pay

As airlines get better at passenger profiling they will drive greater loyalty among frequent flyers, but they should make sure the the gap between high-flyer and leisure traveler isn't so wide that potential customers get turned off.

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Woofound app matches users with local experiences it thinks they’ll like

Unless you're a dating site or, matching a users with stuff you think they'll like is a promise that's tough to deliver on -- which is why all who've tried before Woofound have done a pivot.

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Giant Vegas casino to help vistors get around with custom indoor navigation app

How Meridian plans to survive the indoor challenge presented by Google's own mapping ambitions is the real question here. Why pay for a custom solution when Google is free?

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Tripl’s infographic shows how mobile travelers use their service

The most popular services are check-ins and uploading photos, but this information tells us more about what travelers are using Tripl rather than how broadly mobile devices can be used during travel.

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Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet device selling out quickly

A tablet in the pocket is better than a giant one on a street corner. Still, when will data or Wi-Fi access get to the point where users don't have to care where they log in from.

Skift Originals

Call it a tracker, not a phone — that’s more app

The genie is out of the bottle -- smartphones track your every movement for law enforcement and travel apps' developers purposes. The backlash is coming.

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How Android users get access to over 10,000 indoor maps

Google's indoor initiative has now gone beyond large museums and notable points of interest to office buildings that don't mind showing where the coffee maker is hidden -- just so long as you're using an Android device.

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Geocaching turns to tourism to draw in more participants

It's not as sexy or hot as location check-in sites, but as far as user adoption and active participation goes geocaching still has something to teach the upstarts -- especially when it comes to making money.

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BBC makes it easier to see the Olympics on your smartphone

Although it's limited at times because of television licensing issues, among other things, the BBC's apps will deliver tailored updates of teams closest to your phone's GPS location.