Video: How Brazil Builds Tourism Around Big Events

Brazil has a rare opportunity to learn from two big events separated only by two years, as well as a downturn in the economy. It will provide lessons in tourism development for years to come.

Qatar World Cup Organizers Downplay Effect of Heat and Worker Deaths

Qatar will continue to push the positive impacts of the games as it builds towards both the event and general tourism growth with hopes that time will erase memory of any transgressions.

World Cup Didn’t Help Brazil’s Economy and the Olympics Won’t Either

Events never bring the economic benefits that boosters promise, but they can deliver benefits that are harder to measure.

FIFA Clears Qatar, Russia to Host World Cups After Corruption Claims

FIFA's self-investigation was nonsense, and it only opens the organization to increased mockery over its transparency.

Qatar’s Sports Minister Can’t Promise Gay Fans or Beer Will Be Welcome at the World Cup

A World Cup in the Middle East is a fantastic idea, it just appears that Qatar isn't the right place for right now and, like Moscow in 2018, is only hosting the event because of FIFA's rampant corruption.

The World Cup Led to a Surge in Mobile Bookings for Latin America

The World Cup is a perfect example of how sports fans are less likely to wait to book travel to games for fear flights, hotels and game tickets will sell out. They're likely more impulsive with making travel decisions and will often make them on the go, where mobile devices are at the ready.

World Cup and Winter Olympics Try to Avoid Overlapping Dates in 2022

Two of the largest global tourism events occurring in one year was problematic enough, but pushing them to within one or two months would create huge opportunities for travel companies, as well as congestion and confusion.

Nike’s Profits Reach Record High After World Cup Marketing Push

Aligning your brand with the most-watched sporting event and one of the largest travel events of the year is something all companies wish for but few can achieve.

World Cup in Qatar Could Shift From June to January

OK, we all know that FIFA is corrupt to the core. Which is why we know there's even more shadiness happening around this move. It's not like Qatari summers just now got hot.

FIFA Considers Action Against Officials in Charge of World Cup Selection

The World Cup is surrounded in international political turmoil and a full-scale reorganization is what's needed to actually have a shot at making the process fair.