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Feds Move to Protect Stressed Out Dolphins From Tourists in Hawaii

We're not eager to see companies go out of business, but this is part of a broader move that rethinks the relationship between tourists and animals, some in captivity and some in the wild.

2 months ago

Thailand’s Top Tiger Temple for Tourists Is Losing Its Tigers

We are going to go out on a limb and say tourism, religion, and wildlife never mix well with authentic tourism, religion, or wildlife.

5 months ago

Gabon Loves Its Elephants and Wants Tourists to Love Them, Too

There's a fine line between creating sustainable tourism products that appeal to outsiders and help locals and pandering to the international traveler at the expense of locals.

1 year ago

A Better Approach to Building a Sustainable Tourism Company

Sustainable tourism, while looking nice on paper, is still extremely difficult to execute making Basecamp's approach to integrate a business and non-profit is one worth examining.

2 years ago

Poachers Poison 80 Elephants in Zimbabwe’s Largest National Park

Despite the loss, it's hard to think there will be a serious crackdown on the poachers under the Mugabe government.

3 years ago

Cayman Islands sea turtle tourist trap is, surprise, not so good to turtles

The desire to get up close and personal with wildlife often results in bizarre encounters like this where visitors pose with the creatures, toss them back in the holding pens, then go eat one of their cousins in a nearby cafeteria.

4 years ago

Kenya battles wildlife poachers in order to keep safari tourists coming

The math is simple: One industry is sustainable, the other isn't. But try telling that to people who can make a quick buck and move on before they need to deal with the consequences.

4 years ago

Why wildlife protection in Zimbabwe relies on the growth of safari tourism

A recent decision by the Indian court reinforces the truth that the absence of tourism leaves animals vulnerable to mining and hunting industries, which are much less concerned with wildlife welfare.

4 years ago

Wildlife bookings take a hit following India’s ban on tourism in tiger reserves

Tour operators and OTAs are used to a large number of winter reservations coming in by now, but they say bookings are down 15-20% from last year and fear India will be seen as unreliable to foreign tourists.

4 years ago

10 destinations where the wildlife is almost too close for comfort

These parks and sanctuaries are set up so tourists can safely chase rhinos on foot, watch polar bears migrate, or dive with sea creatures without endangering themselves or the animals.

4 years ago