Wikivoyage gets boost as Internet Brands backs down over legal challenge

This is a victory for Wikitravel's ex-editors and a big loss for Internet Brands and any other sites that base their business on expecting Creative Commons-licensed content to remain solely in their own hands

Interview: Wikipedia’s travel site Wikivoyage launches today amidst big hopes

The two travel wikis, one advertising free and one commercial, will battle it out for readers. But, for all of each wiki's collaborative writing and editing, there is still something very appealing to be said about an insightful, individually written travel guide that can enable you to smell the aroma of the baguette as it just starts to fill the village square.

Opinion: 6 reasons why Wikivoyage is already better than Wikitravel

Beyond the top six list, the biggest thing Wikivoyage has going for it is the enthusiasm of the long-term contributors who had to fight hard to wrest content from Wikitravel in order to run the site they wanted.

Wikipedia’s travel site’s official launch coming soon; what to expect and not expect

There is no question about it: guidebook publishers should fear Wikivoyage, but travelers should rejoice. Though give it some time to build up into a useful resource.

Wikipedia-style travel guide goes live in rebuff to Internet Brands

The launch of Wikivoyage is significant and an important victory for supporters of commercial-free destination content. But, while a challenge, rival guidebook publishers won't have to close up shop any time soon.

Internet Brands proposed partnership with Wikimedia Foundation before lawsuit

Wikivoyage in Germany is apparently poised to debut the new travel wiki website in English. Internet Bands proposed a partnership, and now the courts will sort out the dispute.

Wikipedia parent forges ahead with new travel wiki, sues Internet Brands for getting in the way

The battle lines are clear now: Wikimedia is moving ahead with plans to create a new travel wiki, and Internet Brands is trying to protect its own commercial interests in its existing Wikitravel. This showdown will be a turning point in the wiki movement.

Wikipedia parent to launch travel guide with Wikitravel rebels

A Wikipedia-like wiki travel guide could be a tremendous, free resource for information-hungry travelers. The current efforts have been starved for resources.

Gibraltar becomes first Wikipedia city; QR codes to be plastered all over for tourists

Smart idea (minus the QR codes), and with Wikipedia branching into a new travel section, these two efforts could possibly merge.