U.S. Suburban Hotels See Bright Spot in Big Indian Weddings Business

A prime example of how embracing and understanding other cultures can be a win-win situation, both for businesses and the communities they serve.

Lifestyle Adventure Resorts Target the Future Luxury Traveler

The next generation of upscale soft adventure resorts are building out their experiential programming and content to offer more variety for a wider range of leisure and group clientele.

Florida Tourism Officials Want to Be Prepared if Same-Sex Marriage Given OK

Souther Florida already does a ton of business with the LGBT traveler, so it knows what could happen to its weddings business if the same-sex marriage floodgates opened.

The Honeymooning Habits of Marrying Millennials in the U.S.

Travel plays an important role in millennials' lives, which translates over to their honeymoon experience where they are looking to go further and experience more to mark the occassion.

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages Expected to Fuel Travel Industry Worldwide

A boom in the number of same-sex marriages will boost visitor spend in destinations and resorts as couples who have waited to make their unions official celebrate with gatherings near and far.

10 Most Desired Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations of 2013

One trend is clear: Beaches are the most desired destination among newlyweds. It would interesting to find how many of these searches translate into bookings and how many U.S. users search for Bali and end up in Boca.

Hawaii’s New Gay Marriage Law Expected to Boost Tourism by $217 Million

Hawaii's fast-paced tourism growth has slowed over the last year, but a new law passing gay marriage opens the islands up to an entirely new group of visitors.

South Korea Tourism Gets a Boost from Chinese Couples Obsessed with K-pop

South Korea's K-Pop scene attracts tourists from around the world, but this particular segment of wealthy Chinese couples spend much more on deluxe hotel, grooming, and photo packages.

Hotels are ready to capitalize on DOMA ruling with same-sex wedding packages

Luxury hotels in open-minded states were already making a business catering to gay and lesbian commitment ceremonies and civil unions, but the death of DOMA means the wedding market is about to get richer.