Virginia Tourism Revenues Increased to $23 Billion in 2015

Virginia is a rare example of a state that has a more than 40-year-old tourism slogan that still works and resonates with visitors. The state has been able to take the iconic "Virginia is For Lovers" slogan and segment that into food and outdoors, for example, that appeal to different kinds of travelers.

Skift Podcast: Do Tourism Slogans Matter in Modern Marketing?

It's not necessary to capture a destination on a bumper sticker (just ask France or Italy), but it certainly helps when it comes to modern tourism marketing.

Virginia Tourism Programs Get $812K for Marketing Campaigns

When a governor sees that marketing campaigns have increased tourism to a state, he or she is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Richmond, VA Latest City to Learn Big Events Don’t Equal Big Tourism

When it comes to events, even the pope can disappoint.

Virginia County Bets on Moonshine Tourism in Rural Region

We have rarely seen a bad mood by a tourism board marketing a region's food and drink benefits.

Virginia’s Governor Touts State’s Tourism Haul in 2014

We always doubt political leaders when they say anything, but we do appreciate the enthusiasm when it comes to bragging about tourism numbers.

Williamsburg Hopes This George Washington Impersonator Will Improve Tourism

We're not sure if this will work, but we are impressed that Williamsburg didn't do the typical lazy tourism board thing and buy big ads in travel trade print magazines.

Interview: Virginia Tourism CEO on Using Love to Sell a State

It's near impossible to measure the exact influence a slogan has on getting tourists to a destination, but Virginia is certainly making the most of its catchphrase by getting small businesses onboard and creating revenue opportunities.

Virginia Museum Celebrates the ‘Birthplace of Country Music’

Visitors to Bristol, Virginia on the Tennessee line can take in the country music museum and some authentic history without all the gimmicky sideshows that are prevalent in Nashville and elsewhere.