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Asian Tourism Investment Looks Promising Through 2026, But Challenges Loom

As the world's fastest-growing region for tourism it's a good sign that some Asian countries can expect to see healthy travel and tourism investment during the next 10 years. But a number of factors could alter these projections, particularly the Chinese market, as more global tourism trends are tested in this region.

1 week ago

Uber Loan Program in Vietnam Drives Shift Away From Scooters

Uber is helping Vietnamese workers finance an upgrade from their scooters to brand new sedans in an effort to attract drivers loyal to its ridesharing service amidst intense competition.

4 months ago

Anthony Bourdain and President Obama Film ‘Parts Unknown’ Together in Hanoi

Nothing like making a little history over a $6 lunch.

5 months ago

Vietnam Drops Visa Requirements for 5 European Countries

There's rarely a downside when visa requirements are loosened.

1 year ago

Pilots Playing Sick Win Pay Raises at Vietnam Airlines

Pilot hirings in Asia can't keep pace with the growth of aviation in the region, making for a very nice market for captains and first officers looking for new cockpit gigs.

2 years ago

Vietnam Opens the Door to Gay Travelers By Dropping Same-Sex Marriage Ban

2 years ago

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ Episode 4: Vivacious in Vietnam

Bourdain's enthusiasm for a destination defines the tone of an episode, and this is one in which clearly all involved were more than happy to be there.

2 years ago

Vietnam Airlines IPO Fails to Draw a Foreign Investor for Six Years

Although tourism throughout Asia is on the rise, aviation has proved a risky investment, making it difficult to draw investors even in the most optimistic cases.

2 years ago

Chinese Travelers Are Staying Away From Southeast Asia, Even With Discounts

Who would have thought two years ago that China would be providing a boost to Japanese tourism.

2 years ago

Vietnam Pushes a Safe, Friendly Destination in New Tourism Campaign

Vietnam is smart to focus on its largest source markets through familiarization trips, but it would also be wise to develop and build a clear brand via social media to reach tourists further away.

2 years ago

Bali Courts Tourists While Its Neighbors Struggle With Coups and Conflicts

Stability and convenience in Bali could be a winning tourism formula as travelers skip Thailand and military-imposed curfews.

2 years ago

Asia’s New Sin Cities Have Chinese Tourists Firmly in Their Sights

Vegas will likely soon become a quaint relic of a very different time.

3 years ago