International Tourism Is Growing in 2016, Despite High-Profile Challenges

International travel has definitely been impacted by terrorism and economic woes so far in 2016 but global tourism still grew in most regions around the world, some places significantly.

Airbnb Joins World Tourism Organization

Airbnb knows that the road to worldwide acceptance (and legalization) is a long one. Joining an organization like the UNWTO brings the company one step further along in that journey.

International Traveler Spending Rose to $1.4 Trillion in 2015

Despite terror and disease fears throughout 2015, last year still turned out on top for international traveler spending and arrivals.

6 Charts That Explain the State of Global Tourist Visas in 2016

The world has less restrictive visa policies in 2016 than it did before the global economic crisis. Let's hope temporary setbacks from terror attacks and security fears don't cause governments to send us backwards.

International Tourism Outlook Projects Weakest Growth in 7 Years

Another solid year of international tourism growth is in the books. But if the global economy hits the skids in 2016, expect international leisure travel to experience tapping of the brakes.

The World’s Best Travel Videos of 2015 Emphasize Place and Emotion

All of these videos do a good job of immersing the viewer in the travel experience, but what makes them stand out is how they connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

4 Key Charts That Show the Rapid Demographic Shifts in Global Tourism

The global tourism map has been redrawn and we're already seeing travel brands feverishly try to break into developing markets at a heightened pace. The question is whether those markets' own hotel and airline competitors will have the gumption to take on that foreign entrenchment.

Interview: UNWTO Secretary-General on Sustainable Tourism, Visas and Security

While the UNWTO in many ways has no way to force destinations and countries to commit to sustainable and responsible tourism practices, it's still a respected organization that carries a lot of weight on the international stage.

Global Travel Organizations Form New Coalition to Encourage Unified Voice on Issues

Convincing companies to spend on expensive technology and solutions for sustainable tourism practices is a tough sell. Let's see if the coalition can make some progress and at least forge some new committed partnerships.

Wildlife Safaris at Risk From Africa’s Growing Poaching Problem

The tourism industry can become a powerful force if it works together to combat the risks that poaching poses to what will likely be an vital channel towards sustainable economic growth.