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American and United Aren’t Yet Ready to Compete With Spirit Air on Price

It's a short reprieve, but this is good news for travelers. For the next couple of months, they can buy the cheapest tickets on American and United and still get all the perks that the airlines offer to customers who buy pricier tickets.

20 hours ago

Here’s Why American, United and Delta’s On-Time Stats Should Dip

The fact that big airlines have not had to report on-time statistics for their regional brands never made sense. Under this new system, travelers will know more about the reliability of their favorite airlines.

1 day ago

United Turns Its Focus From International to Domestic Growth

United's new international flights, especially those to secondary cities in China, could be massively profitable some day. But it generally takes long-haul flights some time to ramp up. It makes sense that United will now place more emphasis on its domestic network.

3 days ago

United Needs More Revenue to Help Pay for Its New Labor Deals

Give credit to United CEO Oscar Munoz for reaching new labor deals with many of United's employee groups. But buying labor peace is expensive. And now United's new executive team needs to come up with some creative ways to offset the increased costs.

4 days ago

Airlines Ask DOT for Permission to Collude Over a Debt Collection

This is a highly unusual request for U.S. carriers to seek a reprieve from antitrust immunity from the Department of Transportation so they can figure out how to be more powerful debt collectors in Venezuela. It shouldn't cause too many antitrust concerns although it's difficult to see how the group effort to pressure Venezuela would do much good.

2 weeks ago

United Hits Pause on Introducing Basic Economy Fares — Skift Business Traveler

United pushed the launch of its basic economy fares out a few months, giving business travelers a few more months to enjoy the full perks of budget tickets. Slowly, however, the axeman cometh.

3 weeks ago

United May Delay Plans to Introduce a Basic Economy Fare

Given how many changes United has made at the top recently, it makes sense that airline may want to delay this new fare class. The new executive team probably wants to get it right.

3 weeks ago

United Generates More Ancillary Revenue Than Any Other Airline

On short-haul flights, airlines have just about levied all the fees they can. But fees are just starting to creep in on long-haul flights. Expect that trend to continue in the next few years.

1 month ago

United’s New President Shows Why Airlines Hire Insiders as Senior Executives

Airlines prefer not to take risks with most of their senior hires, which makes sense, because the industry is more complicated than most.

2 months ago

United CEO on First Year in Charge: ‘We Need to Treat People Better’

Munoz still has the goodwill of industry observers, but he's going to need to make an impact on consumer-friendly metrics like on-time arrivals as well as market-friendly ones like earnings to turn the goodwill into longer-term success.

2 months ago

U.S. Airline Pilots Face Ever-Present Random Testing for Alcohol

Pilots rarely fly under the influence of alcohol, but when they do, it often makes the news. That makes these incidents seem more common than they are.

2 months ago

United Poaches American Airlines President Scott Kirby

Scott Kirby, known for his strong financial acumen, could be the savior United's investors have been seeking.

2 months ago