United Airlines CEO Shakes Up Executive Ranks Amid Investor Pressure for Change

United has a long way to go to catch up with U.S. legacy airline peers such as Delta. Munoz is under pressure from investors and likely his newly constituted board to make things happen -- fast.

American Airlines Is Struggling With On-Time Performance

Airlines like to strike a delicate balance with on-time performance. They want to be reliable, but they don't necessarily want sky-high on-time rates. An always-punctual operation is expensive.

Domestic In-Flight Entertainment Is Now Free on American, Delta and United

With American Airlines capitulating, in-flight entertainment on all three legacy carriers is now completely free. The next phase of competition will likely revolve around the quality of that content with each airline trying to out-do the other.

United Flight Attendants (Finally) Have First Post-Merger Contract

It was a squeaker — only 53 percent of voters approved the contract — but it passed, which is all that matters. This will help United operate much more efficiently.

Delta’s Hardline Stance Limits its Ability to Rebook Passengers on Rival Airlines

A good operational meltdown like Delta's should make travelers nostalgic for the good old days, when carriers regularly cooperated to help each other's passengers.

United Improves Its Online Booking Engine and Simplifies Award Tickets

United is refining how it defines a stopover and cranking up fees for award ticket changes -- but we get a better award booking tool in the process.

How United Airlines Is Turning Value Flyers Into First-Class Customers

Can we now say that the radical evolution of loyalty and premium upgrade is nearly complete?

Airlines are Making a Fortune so Why Is Wall Street Complaining?

Airlines and Wall Street analysts are complaining about lower revenues, but that has been great news for consumers, who can take advantage of historically low ticket prices.

United is Latest U.S. Airline to Announce Automated Security Checkpoints at Hubs

United, American and Delta realize that a better security experience leads to happier passengers boarding their planes, and we certainly need all of those we can get.

United Will Trim UK and Domestic Flights Slightly

In real terms, United made a lot of money last quarter. But there are some signs that business is not as strong as it was a year ago.