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United Flight Attendants (Finally) Have First Post-Merger Contract

It was a squeaker — only 53 percent of voters approved the contract — but it passed, which is all that matters. This will help United operate much more efficiently.

2 months ago

Driver Unionization at Uber and Lyft Escapes a Court Challenge

It isn't often that you see an organization such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce come to the defense of ride-sharing companies that compete with more established car-rental and taxi interests out of concern about unionization efforts at these sharing-economy companies. Lyft and Uber are finding friends in all kinds of crazy places.

2 months ago

Southwest Airlines Board Backs CEO Kelly

There's no great outcry among shareholders for the Southwest board to oust CEO Kelly and COO Van de Ven. Until that happens, the unions are likely shouting into the wind.

3 months ago

American to Raise Ground Worker Pay Under New Interim Contract

Buying labor peace is costly, but it something American believes is vital to its long-term interests.

3 months ago

Agreement Between Airbnb and Labor Union Falls Through

An SEIU partnership would have helped Airbnb score brownie points with Americans supporting the Fight for $15. But even if the deal had gone through, it's very doubtful whether Airbnb would have been able to get its hosts to hire unionized cleaners.

6 months ago

Airbnb in Talks with Organized Labor to Urge Hosts to Hire Unionized Cleaners

Airbnb is on a mission to get legalized and gain more acceptance in cities throughout the U.S. A partnership with one of the nation’s biggest labor unions to encourage hosts to hire cleaners for at least $15 an hour would be the next big step if Airbnb can convince hosts to sign on the usually more expensive unionized labor.

6 months ago

United Airlines Reaches Tentative Agreement With Mechanics

If the union ratifies the agreement with United, this would be an important checked box.

1 year ago

Union Rallies Outside Trump Hotel in Las Vegas

Culinary union organizers hope to use Trump's presidential campaign against him, arguing that hotel management should help make America great again by granting them a living wage.

1 year ago

United Backs Down on Liquor Ban for Flight Attendants

United still doesn't have legacy Continental and United flight attendants on a unified contracts, and labor relations are frayed. The flight attendants saw the liquor-possession ban as an overreach, and further evidence of management's disdain for the unions.

2 years ago

Norwegian Air Defends Its Move to Dublin For Long-Haul Flights

Norwegian is getting everything into place for the beginning of its "shuttle" service into the U.S., and it's hard to imagine that the DOT would ban its entry outright despite objections from U.S. airlines and unions.

3 years ago