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Trashing a Hotel on TripAdvisor May Soon Be Protected, Thanks to U.S. Congress

Let's be clear: Not all hotel guests and review-writers are angels. But the solution is not dodgy hotel contracts and taking punitive actions against customers. Business owners, as well as consumers, should remember the wisdom of the crowds is pretty good at protecting from one-sided and impure reviewers.

1 month ago

Yelp Makes a Profit and Beats Estimates as Stock Takes Off

Yelp has a tremendous opportunity in local advertising but there is also intense competition. One big caution is that half of Yelp's traffic comes from Google and that makes it way too dependent on a company which isn't exactly a fan.

3 months ago

Google Feasts on its Own Restaurant Reviews, Angering TripAdvisor and Yelp

If Google is using the "wisdom of the crowds" to determine how it arranges restaurant information in search results then in a lot of ways it believes professional reviews, and especially those from its Zagat franchise, trump user reviews. But when it gets down to displaying the text of diners' reviews, Google unfairly believes that its own consumer reviews are the fairest of them all.

3 months ago

Expedia’s Covert Weapon: Flyers’ Airline Reviews

Lots of consumers start their trip-planning with flights. Expedia will use its customer reviews of flights to spur more flight bookings but the company is also focusing on up-selling and facilitating smooth navigation to hotel and vacation-package options.

3 months ago

TripAdvisor CEO’s Answer to Critic: We’ve Done More Than ‘Experts’ Ever Could

TripAdvisor has taken a few lumps in the UK and the bashing by a prominent UK critic in The Guardian undoubtedly was a factor in Kaufer's decision to pen a rare, formal response to a pundit.

3 months ago

TrustYou Acquires Hotel-Messaging Platform CheckMate

We don't know the terms of the transaction. Still, messaging, mobile and review analytics all make for a nice concoction and the two companies will likely be better for the mixture.

4 months ago

Hotels That Respond to TripAdvisor Reviews Will See Revenues Rise, Up to a Point

Translation: Show them you care, but don't go overboard.

6 months ago


Why Destinations Need to Rethink Their Visual Strategy

As consumers increasingly opt for image-driven content over other digital formats, destinations need to take greater control of how they market their visual identity. Download CrowdRiff's free report to learn the five questions marketers must ask to own their visual strategy.

7 months ago

Neighbors Now Have a Way to Complain About Bad Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb's lack of consideration for neighbors next to hosts has always been a black eye. This is a small step, but because of Airbnb's lack of transparency on matters like this we may never know if it has any real effect beyond press mentions.

7 months ago

Skift Podcast: The Past and Future of Local Discovery

No one company has cracked local discovery the way people have long hoped some company would. But as mobile devices become more knowledgable about what we see and do, services like Foursquare and its rivals could become much more interesting.

9 months ago

Yelp Is Betting on Mobile-First Strategy to Reverse Slide

Yelp's frustrating attempt to push users from the mobile web to its smartphone app has apparently paid off.

9 months ago

Foursquare CEO and Founder Steps Down as App Tries to Grow

Crowley has had the focus and dedication to the product that has allowed it to survive much longer than most other hyped products could dream of, but new blood and a new perspective should help it refocus on what Foursquare has become.

9 months ago