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Anthony Bourdain and President Obama on Parts Unknown Season Premiere

While we'd love to have time with the president, choosing between him and a freshly cooked meal in Vietnam would be tough. Lucky for Bourdain he didn't have to choose.

3 weeks ago

Carnival Corp. Is Producing TV Shows That Star Its Own Ships

Carnival Corporation is putting a lot of effort into getting its cruise ships, destinations, and shore activities in front of a massive audience. Smart travelers will realize they're seeing a highly produced, promotional version of a cruise experience.

1 month ago

A Supermodel, a Tiny Dog and How Priceline Turned William Shatner Into a Legendary Pitchman

We don't know if it was really "a supermodel" and her tiny dog that William Shatner dispatched to Priceline.com headquarters in the late 1990s to do due dilgence on the company, but we do know that Shatner, who smashed a guitar during one shoot, was highly talented and broke new ground for an emerging brand.

4 months ago

Anthony Bourdain and President Obama Film ‘Parts Unknown’ Together in Hanoi

Nothing like making a little history over a $6 lunch.

5 months ago

Top-Spending Travel Brands for U.S. TV Advertising So Far This Year

The first quarter is a popular time for travelers to start planning spring break and summer travel. Based on TV spending estimates for the first quarter, it's clear that the top spending brands such as Southwest Airlines, Trivago.com and Royal Caribbean are bent on getting Americans enamored with the thought of summer vacations.

5 months ago

Interview: Anthony Bourdain’s Ideal TV Audience Is Anthony Bourdain

A single-minded focus on what you think is best, rather than what others are telling you is best for you, can produce both victories and defeats. More than a decade in, it's clear which category Bourdain's travel TV is in.

6 months ago

China’s Love of TV War Drama Poised to Bring Tourists to South Korea

The phrase "content is king" carries a deeper significance in China than anywhere else in the world and this show illustrates the power of pop culture and content to influence Chinese travelers' decisions.

6 months ago

Tourism and Movies Collide Again in Dubrovnik as ‘Star Wars’ Comes to Town

Everyone comes for the old city, but development restrictions need to be loosened so that the city does not turn into a set that only tourists and film crews love.

7 months ago

Downton Abbey the Show Has Ended, But Downton Tourism Lives On

As any New Yorker who stumbles over movie and TV tourists will tell you, this will have a very long shelf-life.

8 months ago

Bravo Is Bringing Reality Show Drama to the World of Tourism

If you ever wanted to watch a mashup of "Amazing Race" and "Real Housewives" here's your chance. But considering this is the network that brought you "Apres Ski," the show about bad concierges, we don't expect much.

8 months ago

The Points Guy Tries to Translate His Miles Hacking Wisdom to Webisodes

Video is a different game that written content, but Kelly's been a master of monetization so far. If viewers find him likable, too, he'll be headed in the right direction.

9 months ago

William Shatner’s Negotiator Priceline Pitchman Is Dead Again

When Priceline.com decided to try to reinvigorate the brand, it studied the data: Travelers are taking shorter, more frequent trips, and many are booking them on mobile at the last-minute. Their customers are heading to Rome, Georgia more frequently to that other Rome where Vatican tours are available. The data called for a streamlined site and app emphasizing "deals near me," pay at the hotel, and easier-to-book products.

9 months ago