In Post-Coup Purge, Turkish Airlines Fires its CFO

Turkish Airlines is almost 50 percent owned by the national government, so it's no surprise the carrier has been affected by Turkey's recent attempted coup.

How Turkish Air Will Recover After Airport Attacks and Coup Plot

Turkish Airlines has had a terrible month, but the airline could bounce back faster than some passengers might expect.

Updated: FAA Lifts Turkish Air Flight Ban

Considering the United States was the only major country to bar flights from Turkey’s airlines, it makes sense that that ban could be lifted relatively quickly.

Istanbul’s Deadly Airport Attacks Add to Turkey’s Mounting Tourism Woes

Over the last eight months Turkey's people and its tourism industry have been under sustained attacks. It's leadership needs help (and guidance) from the international community if it is to ease the crisis.

As Turkey’s Tourism Industry Suffers, Turkish Airlines Shifts its Strategy

With Turkey facing a major decline in tourists, its top airline is increasingly carrying connecting passengers who never step foot in the country.

A Slump in Direct Traffic Is Hurting Turkish Airlines

Chaos on Turkey's borders is crushing Turkish Airlines just a year after it posted record profit due to decreased operating costs.

Delta Decision to Suspend Istanbul Service Has Repercussions for Turkish Air

Fortunately, Turkish Air has transformed Istanbul into a hub rather than just a terminal. Today's stock drop is more about the domestic political situation more than it is travelers' concerns about flying the national carrier.

Turkish Airlines Has a Record Year, Thanks to Cheap Fuel and Network Strategy

Considering the challenges in Turkey in the second half of the year, these results are cause for optimism that Turkish Air's global strategy is working.

Airlines Embrace Star Wars Droids, Hobbits and Batman to Capitalize on Hollywood Ties

While we it’s difficult to make a direct correlation between box-office popularity and airline tickets sold, film franchise brand partnerships contribute intangibles, by aligning the airline with the values of the movie’s characters and its fanbase.