UK Travel Stocks Continue Decline Following Brexit and Greater Unrest

The British tend to travel under nearly any condition. So while TUI and its peers will take a short-term hit for sales to some markets, travel will still be taking place.

Tunisia’s Tourism Industry Sees Double-Digit Drop Following Attacks

Considering that these numbers are from a government agency that doesn't want people to panic, we imagine the real numbers are even less inspiring.

Tourist Security Is an Unspoken Theme for Travel Operators at ITB Trade Fair

Egypt isn't coming back anytime soon. Unlike Paris, Istanbul, Greece, or even Thailand, it's problems are deep and long-lasting.

Tunisia Terror Attacks Inquest to Look at British Travel Advice

European governments need to strengthen relationships with non-EU countries as it relates to tourism to help prevent more death and loss of vital tourism dollars.

EasyJet Seeks Longer Greek Holiday Season to Offset Tunisia Exit

EasyJet shouldn't have too much difficulty convincing Greek hotels to stay open longer if it can deliver the business.

Tunisia Drops the State of Emergency Imposed After Tourist Killings

The state of emergency is gone, but the tourists won't be retuning until they — and the package tour companies that bring them — see more action by the authorities.

50 Tunisia Hotels Shuttered Since Attacks, While Major Chain Mulls Exit

Spanish hotel chain RIU has had troubles marketing Tunisia to foreign guests and is considering selling its properties there to expedite a withdrawal from the country.

The World’s Best Travel Videos of 2015 Emphasize Place and Emotion

All of these videos do a good job of immersing the viewer in the travel experience, but what makes them stand out is how they connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

The Heartbreak of Tunisian Tourism: A Radio Documentary

Even if you are not interested in Tunisia, this BBC radio documentary is well worth a listen to understand how geopolitics is deeply intertwined with travel, and why that matters to everyone, including the locals.