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TSA Precheck Expands to Lufthansa Passengers Headed to Europe

TSA Precheck subscribers can now access expedited lines when flying on Lufthansa.

2 months ago

Analysis Shows That Despite Criticism, TSA PreCheck Effectively Reduces Terrorism Risk

On the whole, PreCheck appears to be both improving the passenger experience and making the global security situation safer.

4 months ago

Why TSA PreCheck Doesn’t Always Work for Trusted Travelers

Want to make sure you'll have PreCheck? Double check all your personal information carefully before you fly.

4 months ago

Low-Cost Holdouts Frontier and Spirit Will Join TSA’s Precheck Program

Frontier and Spirit are finally joining the TSA's precheck program, which is good news for travelers who don't want to wait in long security lines.

4 months ago

Airport ’Happy Lane’ Is Kind of Sad as PreCheck Fails to Meet Expectations

Why hasn't PreCheck caught on? The reasons are numerous, which makes us wonder if the TSA will ever meet its goals for the program.

5 months ago

U.S. Airport Lines Grow as TSA and Congress Blame Each Other

Maybe the people in charge can stop pointing fingers and start finding solutions. The rest of us will be waiting.

6 months ago

5 Homeland Security Priorities to Enhance Safety and Keep the Lines Moving

Will this list make passengers waiting in long airport lines feel any better? It's doubtful, but maybe some new solutions will emerge.

7 months ago

TSA PreCheck Lanes Won’t Be Members-Only Anytime Soon

Those who have paid for expedited security screening at airports will have to share the lanes for a good while longer. How much longer is anyone's guess.

8 months ago

The TSA Wants 25 Million Americans Enrolled in TSA Precheck

The ambitious goal of 25 million travelers enrolled in the TSA's Precheck program may be hard to reach.

8 months ago

Study: U.S. Business Travelers Like Flying More When They Have TSA PreCheck

Now that TSA PreCheck is mostly being used by people who know how it works, everyone who has paid to use the program is probably happier.

9 months ago

Lawmakers Look to Limit TSA Precheck’s Low-Risk, Random Sample Program

Even fewer randoms may now be in the Precheck line under this legislation.

1 year ago

As PreCheck Hits Its Stride, TSA Dials Back on Randoms in the Fast Lane

Random selection was always a teaser that gave travelers a taste of the good life. It's a sign of the program's success that they're not as frequent now.

2 years ago