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GoEuro’s First Priority After $70 Million in New Funding Is Raising Awareness

It has taken a long time for rail companies and governments to loosen their grip on the data they control. Now that its happened, GoEuro and others operating in multi-modal metasearch are well placed to take advantage.

3 weeks ago

Amtrak Crash Investigators Are Focusing on Human Error

Let's focus on the safety systems to prevent crashes rather than a video to see who's to blame. Because we've had C-Span for years, and that hasn't kept Amtrak from being dangerously underfunded.

1 year ago

Discounts Buses With Curbside Service Attracting Next Generation of Travelers

Discounts bus services are driving through a big gap, and grabbing an opportunity. Competitiion is great for travelers as they navigate toward an alternative to trains and and a long commute to the airport.

2 years ago

Boulder Derails Tourist Train and Kills 2 in the French Alps

Tourists have been injured and killed in several European train accidents this past year. Other incidents involved passengers onboard high-speed trains.

3 years ago

South Africa Train Collision Highlights Need for Public Transit Upgrade

South Africa is in the process of improving its outdated public transit options, especially its rail network that was build more than 60 years ago. Collisions such as this have a way of making leaders move more quickly.

3 years ago

The UK Is Testing a Digital Transit Pass Based on ‘The Fifth Element’

Contactless payments are paving the way to all-in-one transit passes that could some day make lines for metro passes look outdated. But overhauling city infrastructure is a costly and time-intensive project that means that reality is still far off.

3 years ago

UK Redesigns Train Stations in Effort to Cut Rail Suicides

This case study in incorporating psychological disincentives will be informative for the entire fields of architecture and design.

3 years ago

Thomas Cook Is Killing Its 140-Year-Old European Train Guide

End of an era, surely, but there's nothing that can quite take the place of print for browsing and unexpected discoveries.

3 years ago

Historic ‘Skunk’ Train Reopens in Scenic California Redwoods

Its local ownership is probably what has preserved this train and route so long -- even after a collapse that could have spelled its end.

3 years ago

Swiss Train Crash Injures as Many as 44 Riders on Monday Afternoon

This is the third European crash to occur this week. We're unsure whether these were high-speed trains, which would be a second blow for the acclaimed transit option.

3 years ago

Train Derailment Near Santiago de Compostela, Spain Kills at Least 60

3 years ago