Hong Kong Wants Mainland Chinese Shopping Tourists to Stay Home

It’s rare for a destination to complain that too many tourists are arriving and shopping in its stores, however, it does occur when tourism begins to disrupt locals’ way of life.

How Locals and Tourists Feel About Each Other, According to Priceline

Locals may not always like tourists, but many locals seem to realize their cities depend on tourism dollars as a major revenue source.

European Tourists Head to North Dakota in Search of ‘the Real America’

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What’s Keeping Chicago Off International Tourists’ Bucket Lists?

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International Tourists Outnumber Residents 5-to-1 in Dubai

Although this is an inaccurate method for measuring tourism, it does provide a general comparison to consider next time you touch down in one of the destinations.

Average Cost of a Broadway Ticket Surpasses $100 For the First Time

Despite swings in audience levels over the past decade, rising ticket prices have helped industry revenue climb for the past five years.

Travelers Spent a Record $110 Billion in California in 2013

The rapid growth of Asia's outbound travel market is driving California's record tourism growth, but the destination is competing with more and more destinations now looking to woo the lucrative demographic.

Paris Officials Seek Artistic Solution to Tourists’ Love Locks Obsession

It's an issue not isolated to Paris and the mayor's solution will likely be copied by other destinations looking to preserve infrastructure without insulting visitors.

How One Florida Destination Plans to Market Itself to Chinese Tourists

St. Petersburg seeks to carve out a niche somewhere between Miami and Orlando, but the message's success relies on tour operators in China and local infrastructure to make it stick.

Japan Mandates Street Signs Include English Translation for Tourists

Attention to detail will increase as Japan readies to host visitors from around the world for the 2020 Olympics.