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Americans, Go Meet the World: Student Travel Before College Is the Best Prerequisite

Traveling abroad is the ultimate form of higher learning. Students would be well-advised to hit the road before hitting the books at college.

1 year ago

Florida Towns Try to Help Panama City Solve Its Spring Break Tourist Dilemma

How do you convince businesses that the best few weeks of their year are actually bad?

2 years ago

UK Is the Most Searched for Study Abroad Destination for Americans

The study found that American students prefer universities where their native language is spoken, suggesting that more needs to be done to encourage such students out of their comfort zones.

2 years ago

The Booking Habits of Hostel Guests Around the Globe

The growing popularity of third-party booking sites are making it easier for travelers to search, sort and book hostels, which is great news for operators unless commission rates erase the benefits of a booking hike.

3 years ago

Korean Students Increasingly Choosing China Over U.S. For Higher Studies

Increasingly Korean economy is driven by China, and it is showing in various ways. Nevermind the past histories between the two countries, this is a big change, as Asian degrees and jobs becomes more coveted amongst the bellwether Korean students.

3 years ago

Cancun spring break: The police and marines are looking out for the kids

Cancun is making a show of force in order to ensure that it doesn't become a Puerto Vallarta, and there's no more a high profile event for the destination than spring break.

4 years ago

Avoid these destinations in March if you don’t want to do beer bongs with college kids

Even with the growing number of volunteer and adventure options targeted at students, this must be one of the most static trip lists released every year.

4 years ago

New Indian employability exam tests hospitality grads for industry aptitude

Language skills and personality are two of the most important areas tested in the effort to weed out unqualified candidates from entering India's $55 billion tourism and hospitality industry.

4 years ago

Travelstrings seeks the bigger picture in student travelers’ mobile uploads

Content creation site Travelstrings is smart to target a niche group of study abroad students during its product development both to gain feedback and create buzz among a group that likes to talk a lot.

4 years ago

Results of poll of UK gap-year travelers suggest that they may want to stay in school

The answers to the poll make these gap year students look more like a child who fill his dinner plate with candy instead of vegetables rather than someone who's well-equipped to discover the world.

4 years ago

Australia is still pulling in gap year travelers thanks to generous working holiday visas

Despite a very strong dollar, Australia's attractions -- both nice weather and a generous work visa program -- are a big enough lure for students to make the long trek.

4 years ago

Gap Year idea gains ground in the U.S.

More colleges are encouraging students to take a year off prior to beginning their freshman years.

4 years ago