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3 Charts Showing Google Search’s Impact on Travel Brands in 2016

Google is an even mightier king in 2016 when it comes to what leads travelers' to brand websites and, ultimately, what gets them to make a purchase. But direct website visits shouldn't be overlooked: These were the next largest source of site visits and revenue.

1 week ago

The Most Visited U.S. States Spent Less to Market to Travelers Last Year

For some states coming in under budget is good news and for others the smaller spending signifies problems that marketing organizations are having. For now, most provisional tourism budgets increased for fiscal year 2016 and we'll soon see what impact that's had on travelers.

2 weeks ago

Affluent Travelers and the Power of Hotel Loyalty in 4 Charts

Rich travelers, or those with multi-million annual incomes and assets, are getting richer and they're also getting more loyal and becoming stronger advocates for hotels. They also expect value from loyalty programs like every other kind of traveler and choose programs accordingly.

4 weeks ago

Big Shift Coming: International Visitor Spending Rises But So Does U.S. Domestic Travel Dependence

Many foreign currencies may not be as strong against the U.S. dollar as in years' past but the exchange rate is still favorable for many of the international travelers visiting the U.S. The overall increase in international visitor spending certainly helps but researchers feel domestic U.S. traveler spending will become even more essential for the rest of the year.

1 month ago

5 Charts Showing Rise of Sharing Economy With Asia-Pacific Travelers

While short-term rentals and ride-sharing are becoming more used and accepted by Asia-Pacific travelers, the survey points out that many of these travelers are also highly brand-sensitive as they want to experience iconic hotel brands when they travel abroad.

5 months ago

5 Charts Showing How UK Travelers Plan Trips Online

Booking sites are prominent throughout the online trip-planning process for U.K. travelers and while they're one of the most used channels for booking, airline and hotel sites become more important when travelers are ready to pull the trigger. Offline travel agents and tour operators are big, too, but not covered by this survey.

5 months ago

3 Charts Showing Why Business Travelers Don’t Like Booking Multi-City Trips

Legacy carriers are up against rising competition from low-cost carriers. At the same time, American, Delta and United talk about making the travel journey more connected but they're forcing budget sensitive travelers in the opposite direction of that with new pricing structures.

6 months ago

Tourism to France Edged Upward in 2015 Although Attacks Had Negative Impact

France's 2015 visitations would have risen considerably higher if its people weren't the victims of terrorist attacks last year. Tourism officials -- and much of humanity -- hopes this isn't the "new normal."

6 months ago

4 Charts Showing Brussels Attacks’ Impact on European Travel Bookings

Europe's terrorism problem goes far deeper than the attacks we saw in Paris and Brussels. But many travelers are still committed to making their European trips as planned despite a seemingly gloomy forecast for summer travel that these charts show.

6 months ago

International Visitor Spending in the U.S. Took a $4 Billion Tumble in 2015

International travelers have fewer incentives to spend their hearts out on vacations to the U.S. because of the stronger U.S. dollar. We'll see if fewer of them actually visited in 2015 later this year when visitor totals are released.

6 months ago

The Travel Industry Now Supports Nearly 10 Percent of World’s Jobs

In case the world needed any more proof that travel is one of the largest global industries, it just got it.

6 months ago

5 Charts Showing Challenges Faced by Muslim Travelers Around the World

These data points outlining massive amounts of visitor arrivals and spending should be enough to convince travel brands that the time has come to show these travelers that they matter.

6 months ago