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Southeast Asia’s Biggest Airlines Face Increased Competition

Profits are high, but it's not an easy time for full-service Southeast Asian airlines. Cathay Pacific and Singapore are getting squeezed by both budget carriers and ultra-luxury Gulf airlines.

3 months ago

The World’s Latest Longest Scheduled Flight Is Getting a Bigger Plane

The Gulf region continues its growth as the world's most well-placed airport hub.

4 months ago

Singapore Airlines to Fly San Francisco-Singapore Nonstop to Compete With United

Singapore Airlines will defend its home turf against United Airlines by launching new non-stops between Singapore and San Francisco. The airline does not have the perfect aircraft, but it will make due for a couple of years until a better plane arrives.

4 months ago

To Attract More Premium Passengers, Asian and Middle East Airlines Raise the Bar on In-Flight Meals

Gourmet meals for first-class and business-class flyers are nothing new, but these airlines are taking their offerings to new heights in an effort to win over hungry, big-spending, and food-minded flyers.

6 months ago

Singapore Airlines Beat Estimates But It’s Worried About the Future

Despite fuel costs, it's not all sunshine for airlines. For Singapore, it's hoping that it's multiple alliances and investments will help it overcome a weaker local currency and downturns in any one business line.

9 months ago

Singapore Airlines Introduces Unlimited Data Roaming In-Flight, for a Fee

While mobile connectivity in the U.S. has strong detractors, concerned over passenger calls in-flight, the service is broadly used around the world and passengers mostly use the service for texting and data applications.

9 months ago

Singapore Airlines Will Offer High-Speed Broadband Wi-Fi on World’s Longest Flight

Singapore Airlines has built a reputation on offering a comfortable long-haul flying experience and adding high-speed connections to the mix fits in with today's trends for the onboard services passengers value most.

12 months ago

The Return of the 19-Hour Flight

The NYC- Singapore route had a specialized audience that had grown to rely on the connection--no matter how long it was. Its return will be welcome.

1 year ago

Singapore Airlines to Resume World’s Longest Flight Between New York and Singapore

The A350 aircraft includes many standard features that would make such long flights much more bearable. Singapore Airlines also has a history of cabin design focused around passenger comfort for the long-haul. Direct routes from the U.S. to Singapore have been a gap in the market since the airline stopped service between Singapore and Newark in 2013.

1 year ago

The Indian Airline That’s Giving Away Seats to Compete With Low-Cost Carriers

Price wars like this never, ever end well. And there's little option beyond cutting back services in markets where you have to compete like this.

1 year ago

Singapore Air Working to Regain Title to World’s Longest Flight

While 19 hours on a plane doesn't really sound fun at all, we'd much rather do it on Singapore than, say, United or Norwegian Air.

1 year ago

The Best Feature of Singapore’s Premium Economy We Weren’t Expecting

We also love the design’s sleek and modern appeal, a welcome update to the more traditional design aesthetic of Business and First. The airline has said we should expect more surprises in store.

1 year ago