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InterContinental Hotels Tripped Up by Security Concerns and Low Oil Prices

Concerns about security, especially in Europe, continue to play on the minds of both business and leisure travellers. Still InterContinental’s CEO remains bullish, believing that the sector’s fundamentals "remain compelling."

2 days ago

Trump Hotels Fined for Not Telling Guests About Data Breach

Can anyone remember a time when not telling consumers about a data breach turned out to be a good idea?

4 weeks ago

New York and Los Angeles Airport Scares Highlight TSA’s Failures

The U.S. government has had nearly 15 years to figure out how to fund and staff the TSA. It's still failing.

2 months ago

Following the Attack in France, Brazil Ramps Up Security for the Rio Olympics

Brazil my have some serious financial challenges right now, but one thing countries tend to put first is security.

3 months ago

Nearly Half of TSA Employees Have Been Cited for Misconduct

The TSA has been a mess for years. Reform itself is probably impossible given its current bureaucratic structure, which doesn't punish employees strongly enough for misbehavior and insulates the TSA's leadership from making hard decisions about those who misbehave.

3 months ago

Omni Hotels Announces Data Breach of Customer Credit Card Information

As in a lot of these cases where personal financial data may or may not have been compromised, we have to wonder why it takes organizations so long to notify their customers.

4 months ago

More Flyers Are Paying Up to Skip Long Airport Security Lines

Flyers who are willing to spend extra to bypass security lines are now being courted by U.S. airlines.

4 months ago

Workers at Miami International Airport Call Out Unsafe Working Conditions

Airports across the U.S. are creating massive security risks by screwing over employees with low wages, poor benefits, and other key elements of the contract worker economy.

4 months ago

Bomb Injures Four at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport

4 months ago

Even Inspector General Thinks TSA Making Progress, Lines are Shorter

The TSA did a good job over Memorial Day weekend of ensuring that airport security lines moved swiftly. Now, the challenge is making sure this continues through the summer.

5 months ago

France’s Tourism Challenges: Floods, Strikes and Security

Tourism to France may hit a few bumps, but it's never not bounced back. And with the Euro lower agains the dollar and the pound, its prospects are even better this season, despite the many setbacks.

5 months ago

U.S. Airports Continue to Have a Problem With Security Fencing

A new report shows what many have long suspected: the TSA does a poor job securing airports around the U.S., and a lack of solid data means the TSA can't even identify where it should aim to improve.

5 months ago