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San Francisco Airport’s Record Debt Sale to Address Demand for More Gates

Based on an upsurge in passengers and too few gates to meet airlines' demands, San Francisco International Airport is going to sell a big chunk of debt to finance its much-needed expansion. These are heady times, more or less, for San Francisco and the U.S. airline industry.

3 weeks ago

Airbnb’s Lawsuit Against San Francisco Moves Forward Amidst Debate

Between San Francisco and New York's actions, we're going to end up with some real rules. We hope.

2 months ago

World-Class Mexican Museum in San Francisco Slated for 2019 Opening

The Mexican Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian, will add a little more diversity to cultural offerings in San Franscisco for tourists and residents.

2 months ago

Legal Experts Give Edge to Airbnb in Its Suit Against San Francisco

Crazy how a law originally designed to address "the pollution" of Internet porn is playing a role in the future of hospitality and regulation of short-term rentals.

3 months ago

Airbnb Sues San Francisco to Prevent New Rules That Enforce a Law Airbnb Wrote

Yes, we get how ridiculous this headline is. Just as we get how ridiculous the situation now is between destinations and Airbnb. Please, let's see real cooperation on both sides. Not political posturing by cities or claims of defending the middle class by Airbnb.

3 months ago

3 New Apps Reimagine the User Experience for Event, LGBT and Cultural Travel

In a world with so many travel apps of suspect value and necessity, these three platforms deliver real improvements for users in each of the three travel categories.

5 months ago

Hotels in San Francisco Are Cultivating Roof-to-Table Honey

Hotels have increasingly been incorporating local ingredients in their food and beverage programs; this San Francisco beekeeping cluster is just a tiny example, but it doesn't get much more local than rooftop honey.

5 months ago

$2 Million Super Bowl Gain for San Francisco Makes Critics Wonder if the Game is Worth the Pain

Cities and entire regions are growing increasingly wary of the hoops they have to jump through in order to host the Super Bowl.

5 months ago

Qatar Reportedly in Talks to Buy Starwood’s St. Regis Hotels in New York and San Francisco

Selling off two of its most prized and iconic properties will help Starwood in its asset-light pursuit as it prepares to merge with Marriott by mid-year.

5 months ago

Airbnb’s Proposed Tax Agreements With Cities Raise More Questions Than Answers

Airbnb is doing all it can to become legalized in cities like New York and Los Angeles by saying it'll pay occupancy taxes, just like hotels do. But if you look at the math and the overall economic impact, is that money really enough to have a positive net impact on those cities?

5 months ago

San Francisco to Require Lyft, Uber Drivers to Obtain Business Licenses

The City of San Francisco is poised to collect almost $3.4 million annually with this new legislation.

6 months ago

Most San Francisco Airbnb Hosts Operate Illegally, Says New City Report

Does regulating short-term rental platforms like Airbnb really work? Well if Airbnb and its peers would cooperate instead of passing the buck to taxpayers regulation could have a fighting chance.

6 months ago