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Drought Hits South Africa’s Biggest Wildlife Park

The severely low rain volume is more challenging for certain animals in Kruger park, such as hippos and buffalo.

9 months ago

Do Animal Theme Parks and Safaris Do Anything for Conservation?

"The crude cabaret of theme parks or chasing animals across the savannah." That says it all.

2 years ago

Poachers Use Tourists’ Geotagged Safari Photos to Find Endangered Animals

File this under one of the unexpected impacts of the boom in social media, especially during travel.

2 years ago

Tour Operator Offers $1 Million Expedition to View Endangered Species

At $9,009 per day for 111 days, this tour highlights the plight of endangered species around the world. Some nice publicity for the tour operator, Natural World Safaris, and for the cause it's promoting.

3 years ago

Kenya battles wildlife poachers in order to keep safari tourists coming

The math is simple: One industry is sustainable, the other isn't. But try telling that to people who can make a quick buck and move on before they need to deal with the consequences.

4 years ago

Why wildlife protection in Zimbabwe relies on the growth of safari tourism

A recent decision by the Indian court reinforces the truth that the absence of tourism leaves animals vulnerable to mining and hunting industries, which are much less concerned with wildlife welfare.

4 years ago