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Chinese Rules To Bar 80 Percent of Ride-Sharing Cars in Shanghai

The bureaucrats in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are taking dramatic steps to reduce the number of ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing's drivers and cars. With the degree of pollution in cities such as Beijing, the crackdown isn't entirely without merit. Nor is it the last word on the subject, though, as there is a lot of demand for these services.

2 weeks ago

Google Challenging Uber With New Waze-Powered Ride-Share Service

Google-owned Waze is a compelling navigation app, but whether Google can turn it into the foundation for a winning ride-share service will have to be tested in the marketplace over the next few months and years. Google is a latecomer to the field, although the sector is likely to undergo more disruption and a revolution in years to come.

2 months ago

Uber’s New Didi Partnership is Stronger Than Lyft and General Motors’

Now that Uber has all but turned its back on China and conceded that giant market to Didi Chuxing through their new partnership it has more time and money to focus on taking away U.S. market share from Lyft.

3 months ago

Taxis Battling Ridesharing Services Are Losing the Fight for Business Travelers

As app-based ride-hailing services become widespread in personal use, it's no surprise that corporate travel use is also increasing — even if some employers aren't fully on board yet.

3 months ago

Lyft’s $27 Million Deal to Make Drivers Independent Contractors is One Step Closer to Approval

Lyft's case is hopefully a bit for foreshadowing into how Uber's similar case will be handled. As demand increases for ride-sharing drivers have every right to demand that their pay reflects that.

4 months ago

Riders Must Beware the Fine Print When Taking Uber and Lyft

"Read the fine print" is good advice that most of us don't take. When ride-sharing companies treat drivers as contractors instead of employees, they limit their own liability.

4 months ago

Uber Grabs $3.5 Billion From Saudi Investment Fund

Despite concerns about a possibly bloated valuation, Uber has had little difficulty attracting never investors. This will ensure that Uber's growth path won't stall out in the short-term, at least.

5 months ago

5 Facts Behind Apple’s $1 Billion Ride-Sharing Investment

Didi is dominating China in a way that Uber would love to dominate any market. It's the one ride-sharing company that's going beyond points A and B to a larger suite of services.

6 months ago

Hertz CEO Sees Ride-Sharing Partnerships as Best Path Forward

Hertz knows it needs to get more involved in ride-sharing to keep itself relevant but isn't yet sure what that solution is. It doesn't see its current Lyft partnership as strategic, but it was still willing to test the ride-sharing waters.

6 months ago

Uber’s China Rival Didi Kuaidi is Raising $2 Billion in Funding

Even with this new $2 billion funding round, Didi's new $25 billion valuation is still less than half of Uber's. But even with a higher valuation, Uber continues to lag far behind Didi in China.

6 months ago

Lyft Is Trying to Make Big Gains with Corporate Travel Managers

Lyft still has lots of ground to cover if it wants to catch up to Uber's business with corporate clients, but the company is smart to get in front of managers who make decisions about employee travel.

6 months ago

China’s Didi Kuaidi and Lyft Join Forces in U.S. to Take on Uber

Not only is Uber worried about losing marketshare in China--now it's sweating even more as Chinese travelers, the world's largest group of outbound travelers, have more incentive to use its competitor while visiting the U.S.

7 months ago