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China eases regulation to encourage foreign investment in its travel industry

It's a welcome move that China has quietly changed regulations for foreign airlines to allow them more options (outside of state-owned agencies) when electing a company to distribute fare information to travel agents.


Tourism is the biggest immediate victim in the dispute between China and Japan

Japan's tourism industry made a great comeback following the earthquake last year, but this dispute is going to affect that nascent recovery. China has the heft to use the travel embargo card, and it is going to.


Government efforts to boost tourism to U.S. are working, says U.S. government

At least the process of coming to U.S. is getting its due attention now, and starting to get streamlined, even though lots more needs to be done.


Canadian-screened bags won’t need re-screening in U.S. if new bill passes

Common sense in air security. Imagine that.


Hotel spend by federal goverment employees to fall 20 percent

Surely not great for the hotel industry, which has to rely less on contracts and more on wooing the general --what industry weirdly called transient-- consumer, a macro trend that is inevitable.


Indian aviation regulator to pamper Kingfisher by delinking safety from financial stress

DGCA has proposed a guideline rewording to reflect the agency's focus on safety over financial health, but their intentions are being questioned as it comes only days before review of Kingfisher's safety report.

Travel Booking

Orbitz fined $50K for not displaying baggage fees properly

Charge fees all you want, make it quick, easy and transparent for passengers to understand all the costs.


JetBlue fined $90K for 2.5 hour gate delay infraction

JetBlue's 2007 string of delays have gone into business history books as one of the biggest corporate PR disasters. Clearly, the lesson here is more nuanced: over communication, way better than under comunication.


Airline ticket sellers make marketing lemonade out of DOT’s lemons

Is it too much to ask to see the total price of an airfare, hotel room or car rental up-front? The DOT rule is a positive step forward; this stuff can't be left to the free market.


Thailand’s interior ministry gives unlicensed hotels a reason to go legit

Thai industry officials think that lighter regulations will cause fewer hoteliers to cheat and keep their properties off the tax rolls. They've also got their fingers crossed that this move will help bring up nightly rates.