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Airbnb Vs. New York City: The Complete Battle Up to Now

Airbnb and New York City have long had a contentious relationship with one another, and it's only going to become even more litigious, now that the short-term rental company is suing the city, its mayor, and the state attorney general. 2017 is going to be interesting for the sharing giant.

3 days ago

Airbnb Will Try to Sue Its Way Out of New York Law’s Restrictions

New York legislators wrote this law with Airbnb's legal response in mind. We think arguing on these grounds will prove difficult for the company.

6 days ago

Airbnb Loses New York Battle as Governor Signs New Law Aimed at Hosts

Airbnb would like to focus on expanding its product into more aspects of travel, but it's going to keep its lobbyists and lawyers very happy the rest of this year and into the next.

7 days ago

UK Government Promises to Choose Between Heathrow and Gatwick

Like Berlin's new airport's failures or New York City's terrible offerings, London's airport drama is one of the longest running sagas in modern transportation. Meanwhile new rivals make solid ground every day.

2 weeks ago

Clinton Vs. Trump: Where Presidential Candidates Spend Their Travel Dollars

Why use any old private jet service when you happen to own the "best" company with the "best" people? Tremendous.

3 weeks ago

Donald Trump Thought His Presidential Campaign Would Be Good For His Hotels

By every single measure, the campaign has been terrible for his properties. Anything else is, like much of what this man says, a lie.

4 weeks ago

Celebrity Cruises Wades Into Political Waters With Its New Ad Campaign

Celebrity Cruises recognizes that fear is bad for travel — and doesn't seem worried about rocking the boat with a politically charged ad.

1 month ago

This Greek Refugee Camp Is Being Converted Into a Luxury Resort

It's a real shame when, in the interests of making money and working under the guise of improving the economy through tourism, governments and corporations so carelessly neglect those most in need. We seriously hope the Greek government and the developers behind this project come up with a solution for the refugees.

1 month ago

The Divide Between Trump’s Hotel Guests and Political Supporters Couldn’t Be Any Bigger

Further proof that politics really can be bad for business.

1 month ago

Puerto Rico and the Fight for Caribbean Tourism: 5 Podcast Takeaways

These spokespeople from Puerto Rico tourism agencies want to make one thing clear: neither Zika nor Puerto Rico's financial crisis are seriously problematic for tourism to the island.

1 month ago

TSA Lines May Return In October Without Better Government Funding

Long lines at the airport may return if congress is unable to come to terms with budgets that make sense.

1 month ago

Turkey Had a Terrible Year for Tourism and Signs of Recovery Are Elusive

This year has set Turkey back farther than the numbers show. It's reputation has taken a huge hit and the country's leaders are making one move after another to worsen the situation.

1 month ago