Articles tagged “pivot”

Rome2Rio wants more developers using its API so access is now free

Rome2Rio started as a consumer-facing travel search site, but shifted its focus to B2B partnerships in May 2012 by charging developers to use its API –- a plan that apparently didn't pan out as planned.

4 years ago

MyGola pivots from concierge-planned trips to algorithmic ones

MyGola is taking a technology approach to easing trip-planning pain. Algorithms may cost a lot less over the long term than human travel planners, but let's see if there is enough of an audience for the service.

4 years ago

What happens when your pivot goes horribly wrong?

As a travel-focused startup ourselves, this is tough to watch, but heartening in that the company acknowledged its mistakes quickly and is reacting fast.

4 years ago

Wego goes after local markets in its search for success

A relatively incoherent essay still manages to lay out why Wego is seeing success in local markets.

4 years ago

TripEdge says first year was “terrible,” pivots away from lead generation

At least give it credit for not mincing words. TripEdge moves from agent lead generator to deals site.

4 years ago