Anthony Bourdain and President Obama Film ‘Parts Unknown’ Together in Hanoi

Nothing like making a little history over a $6 lunch.

Cuba People-to-People Tours Are Nearing the End of Their Lifespan

The opening of Cuba to Americans is still a work in progress. But the Obama administration is in good shape to ease travel restrictions despite the resistance from House Republicans.

Chicago’s South Side Has Dreams of Obama Library Tourism

While we think Chicago could always use a little love, the significance of a Hawaiian library (and the weather) has us rooting for the island.

TSA and Defense Department Make Life Easier for U.S. Vets at the Airport

The new bill comes only a few days after airports started donating forgotten items at TSA checks to veteran groups. The seemingly small motions have a meaningful impact for anyone whose ever struggled through the screening process.

Global Travel Warnings Shouldn’t Stop Summer Vacations, Says Obama

The general American public was confused by the travel warning and what it meant for their summer travel plans. Obama sent a somewhat mixed message on TV telling viewers there was a significant threat, but that common sense could keep them safe.

European Politicians Claim Obama Not Doing Enough to Stop Aviation Pollution

Obama's commitment to climate change is not in sync with his refusal to pay the EU carbon tax, causing anxiety among environmental advocates that see the U.S.'s support as critical to passing laws that curb airlines' carbon pollution.

The tourist Obama goes to Africa, and brings with him big hopes for tourism

A high profile visit to Africa by Obama, a "homecoming of sorts" for him, in the middle of all the big news events happening with his administration and in U.S., will bring a lot of media coverage. The African nations he's going to visit have big hopes of promoting themselves.

What the Obama visit will mean to Tanzanian tourism

Obama's visit to West Africa in his first term helped draw attention to the diversity of experiences in destinations like Ghana, and if he doesn't get sidetracked by political arguments the same could happen in Tanzania and other parts of southeast Africa.

Even Obama is pushing New Jersey tourism with visit to beach towns

Obama’s visit will be projected through rose-colored glass and is unfair to those still rebuilding their homes and towns. It does; however, show how serious the state is about rebuilding its tourism reputation.

Obama administration looks to $14 air tax bump to improve infrastructure

Airlines like it best when they’re the only ones hiking fares, and a government jump would mean carriers would have to wait longer before attempting a fare increase among their business travel base.