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3 Charts Showing Why Business Travelers Don’t Like Booking Multi-City Trips

Legacy carriers are up against rising competition from low-cost carriers. At the same time, American, Delta and United talk about making the travel journey more connected but they're forcing budget sensitive travelers in the opposite direction of that with new pricing structures.

6 months ago

4 Charts Showing the State of Airline Flight Schedules Around the World

Airlines would help themselves and travelers by communicating what realistic flight times are on busy routes and explaining that travelers should expect a flight to be a certain number of minutes longer or shorter depending on conditions.

10 months ago

5 Charts Showing China’s Fastest-Growing Aviation Markets

These findings are in line with what we already know -- most seat capacity growth in China is for domestic flights, and the growth happening for international routes are for routes within Asia as those are destinations most in reach of the average Chinese outbound tourist.

11 months ago

8 Charts Showing the World’s Largest Airport Megahubs

The U.S. is the clear leader for connectivity megahubs as some carriers' hubs get bigger and Americans exhibit increased demand for inter-city business and leisure travel.

1 year ago

OAG Acquires FlightView to Grow its Flight Data Business

OAG was starting to become irrelevant without live updated information, and it's looking to grow beyond its core flight-scheduling products and picked off a competitor in the flight-tracking arena.

2 years ago

Airline data firm OAG sold again, this time for peanuts, as digital natives rise

How the mighty have fallen, in their slow and failed attempts at moving beyond legacy and commodity information.

4 years ago

U.S. air traffic at 10 year low, won’t get any better with more mergers

More in the-growth-is-outside-the-western-hemisphere story. Of course the U.S. airline mergers don't help the seat capacity in any way, since it is all about revenue optimization.

4 years ago