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Boeing 737s Rarely Fly Trans-Atlantic — But That’s About to Change

Keep in mind the Boeing 737 and Airbus A321 essentially will be niche aircraft for trans-Atlantic flights. Neither has the range to fly much beyond the shortest long-haul routes.

2 weeks ago

In Norwegian Air Spat, European Union will Request Formal Arbitration

U.S. airlines may not like it, but there's a good chance Norwegian will win in arbitration.

2 months ago

Norwegian Air Is Dealt a Setback on U.S. Flights by the DOT

The Norwegian Air saga has taken another unusual turn. But fear not, travelers. The airline will keep flying between the U.S. and Europe, and the airline will continue offering low fares.

3 months ago

Virgin Atlantic CEO Already Sees Low-Cost Norwegian Air Hurting U.S. Fares

The transatlantic route has long been one of the world's most profitable ones. Then Norwegian Air came it and is upsetting long-held assumptions.

4 months ago

Ryanair’s CEO Worries About Terror ‘Cloud’ Over on Europe’s Airlines

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Europe, as well as labor strikes, are clouding the European carrier's business.

5 months ago

Norwegian Air Gets Preliminary Approval in U.S. for More Low-Cost Transatlantic Flights

Great news for consumers, not so great news for the legacy carriers defending their most profitable routes.

6 months ago

The U.S. Should Give Norwegian Air Freedom to Fly, Says EU

For all of the U.S. legacy carriers' complaints about unfair competition from Gulf carriers, the former have made it incredibly unfair for Norwegian in the U.S.

7 months ago

Interview: Ryanair CEO on How Low-Cost Carriers Can Help European Airlines Prosper Again

We believe that a partnership between Norwegian and Ryanair makes sense and could take off with few complications. But we don't believe converting long-term rivals to new friends is done easily in aviation. Still, if anyone could argue until this gets done, it would be O'Leary--with credit going to Willie Walsh. That alone is a remarkable thing.

7 months ago

Norwegian Air Challenges Lucrative Transatlantic Business With New Low-Cost Flights to Paris

Norwegian hopes to capitalize on its growing fleet to offer Europe's largest network of direct transatlantic routes. Set backs in Cork aside, CEO Kjos wants to put all the Dreamliners and Boeing 737 MAX the airline has on order to good use.

7 months ago

Ryanair Turning to Norwegian Air and TAP for Long-Haul Partnerships

Smart move by Ryanair to partner with others to test the feasibility of the routes. If they work, expect to see Ryanair go it along eventually.

10 months ago

Norwegian Air Spends $5 Billion on 38 New Dreamliners

The Dreamliner's effect on aviation will take years to fully understand, but in non-technical terms: It's a biggie.

11 months ago

Norwegian Air Pilot Strike Cost the Low-Cost Carrier at Least $43 Million

Air France and Lufthansa would kill to only lose that much during one of their all-too-frequent pilot strikes.

1 year ago