New Mexico Spaceport Director Ends Tenure With Virgin Galactic Yet to Move In

Spaceport officials counsel patience as delays and difficulties have characterized the development of the New Mexico facility. No one ever said that commercial space travel would be a walk in the park.

This New Mexico Town’s Tourism Hopes Are Tied to a ‘Damn Authentic’ Campaign

You have to imagine it's pretty tough marketing a destination with the same name as one of the biggest tourist hot spots in the entire world. We'll see how authenticity plays against well, you know, what happens in that other city to the north.

New Mexico Broke Its Own Records for Tourism in 2014

Non-traditional marketing and some love based on a cult TV hit are the boost the destination needed in 2014.

Spaceport America Visitor Center Opens as Virgin Galactic Vows to Resume Flights

The Spaceport America visitor center is banking on the prospect that Virgin Galactic will be able to resume test flights and eventually launch commercial flights. There is a lot riding on that not only for Virgin Galactic but for New Mexico and the entire space tourism industry.

Virgin Galactic’s New Mexico Spaceport Looks for More Reliable Revenue Sources

The day space-bound aircraft begin taking off on the regular will be a fascinating one, but until that time comes this will be a curiosity only enjoyed by the rich and the fickle.

New Mexico Regulators Debate Uber, Lyft Ban

New Mexico is going through the same process as many destinations in which forward-looking regulators clash with their peers over whether or not the new technology has a place in their transportation ecosystem.

New Mexico Taxi Operators File Lawsuit to Stop Uber, Lyft

Other communities have tried and failed to stop their new competitors; however, Las Vegas is the only that's succeeded so far.

Once Secretive New Mexico Town Is Banking on a TV Hit to Bring Tourism

We applaud Los Alamos' enthusiasm for tourism and TV, but let's wait and see if we have an on-screen hit first. That's the most successful ingredient in a television-fueled tourism boom.

Film Tourism Aims to Boost New Mexico Visitations

The Film Office director's idea to create apps that would let visitors view film clips while they are visiting locations where the filming took place seems like a great way to blend mobile, local and inspiration.

Tourist Spending in New Mexico Outpaces Visitor Growth

It's always positive for a destination to see its offerings are encouraging greater visitor spending; the next step is to attract more tourists to continue increasing those spend levels.