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Mumbai Airport Wants to Remove Nearly 100,000 Residents in Slums Near Runway

Mumbai needs to find a way to match the promise of its growth with the on-the-ground reality for many of its residents.

2 years ago

Marriott to Open Mumbai’s First Ritz-Carlton in Shanty Town Area

Marriott and the developer are getting around Mumbai's zoning restrictions on building height by placing the new Ritz-Carlton into a shanty town location that's being revamped with luxury homes.

2 years ago

What Happens When You’re at the Losing End of TripAdvisor’s Favorite Cities List

The good thing about Mumbai, is that beneath the layer of things visitors don't like is a city worth seeing.

2 years ago

Mumbai’s New Terminal Is Dedicated After More Than Three-Year Wait

Meanwhile, in Berlin, officials are wondering how their vaunted efficiency just got lapped by Mumbai.

3 years ago

Mumbai Airport Receives Much-Needed Facelift with New International Terminal

The new terminal is positioned to attract foreign tourists and boost the prime minister's reputation before spring elections, but looking forward the terminal might not be enough to handle growing air traffic.

3 years ago

Large-Scale Poverty Is Getting in the Way of Mumbai’s Airport Boom

Mumbai's challenges with development will sound familiar to Brazil and Istanbul. Perhaps all three should consider a model that trades smart urban planning for bulldozers.

3 years ago

Mumbai’s Parsi cafe culture is a blend of people and cuisines

In these Parsi cafes in Mumbai, you are sampling the region's history and cultures, and that's what travel and life are all about.

3 years ago

Virgin Atlantic tries hub model in linking Mumbai to New York, via London

With India's own airlines players in turmoil, this is a good strategic move from Virgin Atlantic to capture the cross continental traffic from a growing outbound market like India.

4 years ago